3 Waist Trainer Myths Busted

Let’s look at some of the most commonly held misconceptions in the field of Waist Trainers. It is easy to jump down a rabbit hole of misinformation that can lead to paranoia.


#1 Waist Trainers Are Dangerous 

Like almost everything in life, too much of anything is bad for you. In other words, if you put on Waist Hugs too tightly, too loosely, too excessively, it is neither good nor effective for you.

Waist Hugs is an alternative to other waist trainers that use non-adjustable hooks. The strap on Waist Hugs offers flexibility for you to adjust the tightness according to your comfort level so it is safe and suitable for almost anyone.

You can wear it anytime you want - at work, at home and even when working out. During the process, we highly recommend you to eat healthily and stay hydrated. You will be sweating more around your midsection so you need to replenish your body with adequate water.

We recommend you to wear Waist Hugs for 8 hours - 16 hours a day for the best results. Anything more than that is excessive... and as mentioned earlier, ‘too much of anything is bad for you!’.

For those of you who are extremists and don't know when to stop, we’ve decided to pen down what you shouldn’t do when wearing Waist Hugs. (Just in case!)

  • DO NOT wrap Waist Hugs tighter than an inch difference from your waist measurement. Force-fitting into a tight waist trainer will not give you faster results. This will only cause discomfort and it is not safe. Only tighten or downsize your waist trainer if your waist slowly starts to shrink in size. If you are unsure of the right size to purchase, book an appointment HERE to try it on personally. 
  • DO NOT strap on too tight when engaging in vigorous physical activities. Yes, we did say that you can wear Waist Hugs when working out, but please use common sense to loosen it up according to your comfort level, as you see fit. If at any point in time, you find that it is hindering your oxygen intake, please take it off. While waist trainers do help to enhance workouts, you do not want to fall short of breath because it is too tight on you.

    Just like everything else, you'll need to take time to adapt and get used to to wearing Waist Hugs first before taking your workouts to the next level. If you ever feel too restrictive and uncomfortable, give yourself a break. Waist training is not meant to work miracles just because you decide to wear it long or wrap it tighter than your body can handle. Take it slow. Take baby steps. The results will come eventually.

    Here is how you should put on Waist Hugs:


    #2 Waist Trainers Are A Cheat Method To Weight Loss

    Many have claimed that waist trainers are a shortcut to lose weight in comparison to dieting and working out.

    Waist Hugs serves to encourage a healthy diet and complement fitness routines. It does not act as a substitute for healthy eating and exercise.

    Waist Hugs provides support and encouragement for waist loss. It does not act as a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. 

    Studies have shown that waist training brings about an undeniable psychological effect as it serves as a constant reminder of your present shape and promotes a sense of restriction, hence motivating you to diet.

    In the 21st century, most women have busy lifestyles. Hence, many might find it hard to consistently adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Waist Hugs is an aid to push them in the right direction.

    #3 Waist Trainers Backfire In The Long Run

    “Waist trainers are not sustainable in the long run”
    “Once you take it off your waist will revert back to its original size”

    Heard this before? Again, not true. 

    The snug fit of the waist trainer enhances the production of sweat at the mid-section, allowing you to burn more calories while working out. The science behind this is similar to that of saunas, where people go into steam-filled rooms to sweat it out. It is a natural way of shedding toxins and weight from your body without invasive surgery, risky medication, or unsustainable extreme diets and workouts. 

    Waist Hugs provides support and encouragement for weight loss. It does not act as a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. Supported with an active lifestyle and healthy intake, you can achieve the figure you want over time.

    For more details on the benefits of Waist Hugs’ waist trainers, please read HERE